company back
        Taian Huadian intelligent technology LTD located at the High-new-tech district of Taian City.  We are a synthetic new technical corporation that combines R&D, manufacturing, and selling.  We have already obtained the certification of ISO9001 and the national measuring instrument producing license.
         We are mainly force on researching, developing and manufacturing the intelligent electric equipment.  Relied on the basement of industrialization, modernized means of production, and  security system of products quality, our company have preliminarily developed the series of intelligent electric transformer and distribution equipment which possess Huadian’s characteristic.
         Our major products are ZPM series low tension intelligent electric transformer and distribution equipment:  intelligent distribution monitoring module, intelligent comprehensive distribution monitoring module, intelligent motor protection modules, single function distribution module, and intelligent power monitoring the analyzer.  Our intelligent distribution products have already realized complex intelligent works such as: telemetering, distance signaling, remote control, remote regulating, remote pulse, digital production, network communication, and so on; it realized unwatched distribution system.
         Our intelligent electric distribution product obtained the support from the found of Shandong technical minor enterprises in 2005.  In 2006, we became a member of Torch program of Shandong.
         Faithful service is our promise; we would create top intelligent electrical equipment brand with all the help and supports of public responses. 
        Solemnly Promise:
             *ZPM610 series intelligent distribution module fitted  the standard of nation and enterprise.
             *the manufacturing license of national measuring instrument:  Luzhi 00000445.
             * the quality guarantee period of our product is 2 years.
             *product serves: we supplies quick and comprehensive serves for pre-sales, sale process, and after.
             *door-to-door serves: if customers meet any technical or qualitative problem, we would send professional staff to supply door-to-door serves as soon as possible.
             *training plan:  we offer the customers free training on installing, using, and maintain.
             *we would promote our corporate spirit of “honor, innovate, unity, and be realistic”.    We will insist the corporate idea “tech come first, quality come first, serves come first, reputation come first”.